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Adama Light

Rare Chisel Tantric Twin Colombian Lemurian Quartz Crystal (Deep Keys, Rainbow Inclusions, Future Time Link Window)

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A very unique Lemurian Quartz Crystal point from the Santander region of Colombia

Featuring a long Time Link Window near to the main Face, an intense Rainbow Inclusion can be seen right in the middle of the main crystal. One of the twins is a Tabular meaning it grew very flat! Has Deep Geometrical Keys in the lower section of the crystal. 

Ethically sourced and artisanal mined in La Belleza, Santander, Colombia 

8,5 x 3,1 x 3,1 cm 


La Belleza region of Santander Department, in Colombia, is one of the largest regions for Lemurian mining in the country. Several mines are scattered throughout the area. Lemurians from La Belleza, often display excellent clarity and a beautiful sparkle. The La Belleza area is also famous for its spectacular waterfalls and cave systems!

Highest quality and energetically tuned by us!

A magical stone with an epic lineage, the Lemurian Light Quartz Crystal is a treasure trove of wisdom. Like the rings of a tree trunk, each Lemurian Quartz crystal stone contains sacred messages and symbols that are represented in unique horizontal lines and grooves, an abstract pattern that resembles the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians.

Lemurian Quartz Crystals aid meditation and visionary experience. they allow one to see visions of ancient Lemuria, and to experience Lemurian consciousness. They can help one enter quickly and deeply into meditative states, releasing stress and opening the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. Connect with your Lemurian by running your fingers over the grooves and asking it to open your mind to receiving its sacred messages. The answers might not instantly appear, but the more you meditate with Lemurians, the closer you'll be to discovering the true desires of your soul. They can stimulate the organization of one’s Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, enhancing one’s capacities for many varieties of expanded awareness.